Social Media Hot Sheet – Week of 9-5

Thanks to Cody Shankman, Noah King and Jason Chan for their contributions to this week’s issue.

The Trouble with Brands on Facebook

The short: Syncapse recently conducted an extensive review of the top 300 Facebook brand pages to learn what’s working, what’s not and what brands need to do in order to improve. They discovered that engagement was down 22% over the last year due to a steady stream of poor content: coupons, polls, contests and boring filler. Quality also bested quantity once again, as talking to fans only six to seven times a week yielded the best results.

Why it matters: Recently Brian Solis wrote about the end of what he calls “Social Media 1.0,” a pivotal time in which saturation demands brands to adapt or be swept aside. With more options than ever, consumers expect more and only heed brands providing insightful content that is relevant–and attentive–to their needs. This should be a clarion call to brands to refocus their strategy, craft better content and pursue strong, ongoing relationships rather than simply accumulating fickle, one-and-done Likes for success in the long run.

The NFC World Alliance

The short: Three major companies involved in NFC (near field communication), Tapit, Blue Bite, and Proxama, have all banned together to form the NFC World Alliance. With each company based in a different region of the world, their goal is to support future business and help build the prospects for this growing field of marketing and digital user experience.

Why it matters: With far more potential than QR codes, NFC is a burgeoning technology that presents seemingly limitless opportunities for brands and developers.  By working together, the NFC World Alliance has the ability to push this new technology and help make it not only a viable option for brands but a highly necessary one.  Between their shared experience and access to key media buyers in their region, the NFC World Alliance is setting themselves up to be a one-stop-shop for the betterment of the technology, something which all brands need to keep an eye on if they plan to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of digital, social and tech.

Social is the Filter of the Future

The short: This week an innovative news aggregation service called Counterparties was launched by Reuters.  It acts as a news hub, filtering through all the noise and static of real-time news feeds to deliver the most relevant, trending stories.  At the core is a technology developed by Percolate, a news aggregation start-up, which looks at what links are most shared online by people in your social network.

Why it matters: In the digital world, we’re all inundated with information and challenged by the task of filtering meaningful data from useless data.  While Google and search were the first wave of making information more accessible, the next wave of tools are relying on aggregated social data to crowd-source the task of editing and filtering content.  While networks of computers are good at finding information, networks of people are best at telling you which information is most important.

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